Friday, January 06, 2006

Podcasts. What I geek on.

For Christmas my wife bought me a portable mp3. It is a cheapo $50 macvision from WalMart online. One of the big reasons why I wanted this device was for audio books, podcasts, and ill communication by the beastie boys. Podcasts are great and feels a lot like Tivo for audio. I'm using Doppler and just copy and pasting the MP3s over on daily or so basis. I used doppler before awhile back it was very handy, I was exploring a way I could convert text rss feeds into speech mp3 to help keep up with the info flow at work ... almost got there but I gave it up ... its doable but I had other fish to fry. Right now, I'm just focusing on finding good podcasts that I know I want to listen to on a regular basis. So for my next step with this blog I want to update the left side of this template to include my top ten podcast links.


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