Sunday, August 12, 2007

Manager Measures

Its been almost 10 months since I posted. When I was teaching I would post in effort to do the same thing I was asking my students to do. This semester upcoming fall I will not be teaching ... and last spring I had no excuse.

As a manager its key to measure. Managers measure performance, completeness and what ever is deemed of important relevance.

Determining the measurement criteria of what is important and relevant is where I get hung up. These hang ups are the typical cause for breakdowns or missed expectations with the folks I'm working with.

This is the root of many planning processes. As a manager, as a manager I need to be "disciplined" in listening to shame, blame and justification when working with others. This is usually the first signal of weakness in the system or the criteria. Analyzing the current state and find pathways to the ideal should be a priority. Map out the discrepancies in expectations, mind the gap. If the measurements still come back off, then it might be time to escalate.

I highlight the word discipline in this post because its my least favorite component of leadership that I have crystalized in my head. The others are vision, persausion, and theater of the position.

For awhile I have been poo-pooing management aspect of leadership and they are too intertwined to do so. Being a manager is being a leader who can get things done. Being manager is being disciplined to make the small non-sexy incremental improvements to achieve goals and objectives.


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