Monday, August 13, 2007

tough crowd

So just sat through a day's worth of presentations with about 13 unique presenters ... with more tomorrow.

Reflecting on the day, the adage "know your audience" comes to mind. Each of these presentations represented a kajillion dollars and an equal number of good intentions(typically ... nobody thinks they are going look like an idiot when they present). With the message of how all these energies and resources was and will be spent being lost in translation with the audience.

Yesterday I said managers measure. This can apply to presentations too. Typically, presentations that I participate in serve the purpose of informing and persuading people to act. Applying a measurable criteria for success would be an interesting goal(s) for future presentations.

What are important and relevant criteria to measure? How well the unique selling propositions the product has to offer are communicated? How well did folks comphrend the upcoming objectives? What is the confidence level is the product's profitability? Did the presenter just read off the slides? I could go on.

Unfortunately if there is not buy in from others this winds up being paper exercise as an audience member. ... but the next time I present I'm Going to keep this in mind for my own development.


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