Thursday, June 05, 2008

Change and Consistency.

I have recently changed roles at Midway. Working as a producer.

Currently I'm trying to stay neutral, consistent and remind myself its a service job. I need to facilitate and help hold the team accountable to their goals. Ultimately, with consistent effort I know I can help the team and upper management have confidence in our direction and the decisions we are making.

Talking about consistency ... My last class' evaluations came in ... again I need to work on clarifying expectations and communication. Overall, the class went much better and I have a handle on how to improve expectations on assignments. I'm continue down the path of creating very clear Rubrics for each assignment and provide more examples. I also need to be less sarcastic.

Consistency ... to me means being systematic ... I have learned this does not mean being rigid.

The system needs to accommodate change and apply energy/resources to what is most relevant to get a "good" job done.

The biggest knowledge gain I have gotten from my new assignment has been a better understanding the programmers philosophy.



Anonymous DaveT said...

Sarcastic? I've never known you to be sarcastic..


10:09 PM  
Blogger Andrew Harrington said...

I was curious. Did you happen to save any work that you did on Zork Nemesis with REZN8? I am working on a Zork website ( and I am trying to gathering as much material into one resource as possible to preserve the Zorkian world. Please email me back at (there is an underscore between lord and skylark)


1:43 PM  

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